Residential Building Design


We provide a full residential building design service for new homes, large renovations, multi-residential and apartments.

All of our design work strives for individual character buildings, of a high quality, that are cost effective.

The desires, hopes, dreams and preferences of the client are paramount, people live in buildings all their lives and generally have a good idea of what they like & dislike. We try to combine these ideas, with our own, a unique aesthetic and a little flair.

The budget and cost of the construction are kept in the forefront of the design process, especially in the early stages, to ensure that all the effort, planning and decision making is not in vain.

The final contract documents/Architectural plans & specifications are very thorough, with every tap, tile & sink scheduled, to ensure ease of construction and that the ‘fixed price’ of the selected builder is just that.


The Building Design & Architectural drafting process is broken down into stages

Stage 1. Schematic design & Council Planning approval application:

  • Design brief, site, micro-climate & council requirements thoroughly investigated.
  • Sketch designs & meetings until the character of the building is established, keeping a close reign on the budget.
  • Schematic plans including Site plan, floor plans, elevations & artists perspective drawings supplied.
  • Submit to quantity surveyor (cost estimator) to ensure the building will come in on budget.
  • Apply to local council for ‘Planning approval.’

Stage 2. Architectural Working drawings & Tender Process:

  • Once planning approval is granted, all plans necessary for the construction of the building are prepared, including site plan, floor plans, elevations, sections & details, electrical plans, door & window schedule & wet area layouts.
  • Drawings are submitted to a selected structural engineer, who provides a set of drawings that specify the footings, reinforced concrete, beams, roof framing & any major structural connections.
  • A written specification of the materials & workmanship is prepared.
  • Energy efficiency compliance documentation is prepared.
  • All these Plans & specifications are put out to tender; with a number of our preferred builders, a builder you know & trust, a referred builder or a combination.

Stage 3. Building Contract signing & Council Building Permit application:

  • We then facilitate, you the client & the builder you have selected, sitting down and signing contracts to commence construction.
  • All these documents are submitted to the local council to apply for a building Permit.

Stage 4. Site meetings during construction.

  • As construction commences, we provide design clarification to the builder, design input on any final finishes and site meetings with you the client & the builder, as required up until completion of the construction.
  • We can also provide formal contract administration if required; which includes, assessment & authorisation of progress payments to the builder, revisions to the contract, up until practical completion & through the defects liability period (we do not provide supervision of the builder, individual tradesmen or construction).