Anzac Rd Residence

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Location:  Mount Hawthorn, WA

Design:  Sam Martin

Structural Engineer:   A. A Wilkie Consulting Engineers

Owner Builder:  Anthony & Ash Petch

Photographer: Nicole Ryder


Situated on a small rear lot of 307 sqm, designed for a bricklayer & his family and needing to be a quality low-cost housing solution, the brief also included very stripped-back finishes, concrete floors & ceilings & a sense of space.

The site was situated next door to a 1940’s large red brick light industrial unit and the area has a lot of that era building stock. The starting point for the design was for it to feel like a reinterpretation of an industrial warehouse of a bygone era, white washed to provide a gallery style space. The vast two story void you find yourself in when you enter the rather over sized front door has an uplifting amount of glass & the overall feel is clean, sharp & utilitarian.

As with all the buildings we design, energy efficiency is ensured by use of summer shading to the windows, good penetration of the northern winter sunlight, substantial amounts of insulation in the roof, cross ventilation and well-located thermal mass to regulate the temperature.

The solid brick construction of this home will mean it will last the ages, ensuring a long term economic & energy efficiency.