About us

Based in Fremantle, Western Australia, ‘Sam Martin Building Design’ provides quality  residential, commercial + industrial building design services throughout Western Australia.
With a dedication to realising the clients needs & desires, the practice strives to provide a client focused, intuitive service designing unique buildings on budget on time, saving the client valuable time & money and making the process an enjoyable experience.


Architecture refers to all buildings,  from small huts to skyscrapers, every project & client is fundamentally different and requires a unique use of space, materials and consideration.


By building and maintaining respectful & mutually beneficial working relations with various builders,  we are able to find, through the design & tender process the right building company to construct your project.
A design is only as good as the people on the ground actually building it, and most problems that arise in the construction phase, can be minimised by thorough plans & contract documentation, selecting the appropriate builder and ensuring a good working relationship with them & their staff.


Interesting, quality buildings, designed with a bit of flare and consideration need not be prohibitively expensive, and if well executed the value of the finished asset is considerably more than the sum of its parts.
Good building design pays for its self, the value added well and truly justifies the cost associated with the design phase.
Quality Architecture + landscape; uplifting surroundings, can beneficially effect the quality of our lives, at home, workplace and recreation.





Principal Building Designer:
Sam Martin.
After graduating, as a  Carpentry & Joinery Pre-apprentice, from the South Metropolitan college of Tafe at the age of 17, he commenced employment in the building industry.
Working over the next 10 years in the area’s of Carpentry & Joinery, Stone Masonry & Timber Furniture making.
He also gained valuable experience, towards the end of this period, working in the hospitality industry; in the fields of Cooking, Coffee Making, Bar & Hotel Management, experience that now informs his public use building design.


After completing a Traineeship as an Architectural Draftsman in 2003, he graduated, with a Diploma of Building Design + Architectural Drafting, from Central Tafe in Leederville, Perth Western Australia in 2005.
This coupled with over 8 years experience in Structural Engineering Drafting, provides him with a high level understanding of the technical aspects relevant when designing buildings.


He is the Principal Building Designer at ‘Sam Martin Building Design’ which was founded under the name of  ‘Sam Martin Design’ in 2004 and he has over 20 years experience in the practical construction & theoretical Design & documentation of residential, commercial & industrial buildings.